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Fruit gifts - fruit sets, baskets and boxes with fruits

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Set composition:

Mini Pineapple 1pc
Green Avocado 1
Kumquat 10pcs
Lemon 1 pc
Orange 1 pc
Pomegranate 1 pc
Kiwi 2 pcs

Are you looking for a unique gift for your loved one? Do you want to thank someone close to you for their support? You have come to the right place! Our website "FruitsToday" offers a wide selection of fruit sets, fruit baskets, gift boxes, and many other tasty options.

Fruit Sets

We offer many different types of fruit sets. You can find those that include fresh seasonal fruits such as apples, pears or oranges. We also have special compositions with exotic fruits like kiwi, mango or melon. Each set is carefully prepared by our nutrition and quality experts.

Fruit Baskets

Our fruit baskets are not only perfect for special occasions but also for family or corporate gatherings. We combine top-quality fresh fruits with stylish design and elegance in them. They are handmade by our experienced florists, which gives them a unique charm.

Gourmet Fruit Boxes (Gift Boxes)

If you're looking for something more modern and practical, our gourmet fruit boxes are an ideal choice. They provide both protection and aesthetics for food items. Thanks to their interesting design they serve as an attractive decoration on the table or as a decorative element in your home. They are also a great alternative to traditional baskets.

Edible Bouquets - an original gift idea

We also offer edible bouquets that will bring immense joy to the recipient. Our compositions consist of various pieces of fresh fruits placed on a specially designed frame resembling a real flower bouquet. These bouquets are an extraordinary combination of taste and elegance, and their colors harmoniously complement each other.

Sweet Bouquets - for dessert lovers

In addition to our range, we have added sets containing delicacies such as chocolates, nuts or other sweets that make up beautiful compositions reminiscent of traditional bouquets. It's a perfect choice for those who love sweet pastries and want to infect others with their passion.

Promotions and the highest quality guarantee

When making purchases on our website, you can take advantage of numerous promotions and attractive discounts. We care about the highest quality of delivered goods, so we provide fresh, juicy fruits and carefully made compositions. Our products are properly packaged to reach you in the best possible condition.

Place your order today!

Don't wait any longer - give pleasure to your loved ones or yourself by enjoying delicious fruit sets or edible bouquets! Visit our "FruitsToday" website and place your order online today. We guarantee unforgettable taste experiences tailored perfectly to your needs!
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*We recommend removing the fruits as quickly as possible after receiving the package. Fruits are best stored in conditions that provide appropriate temperature, humidity, and ventilation. The ideal temperature for most fruits is around 10°C.
*The color or shade in the photo may differ from the actual one. The composition of sets may vary depending on the season.

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