BO-2-Fruit bouquet with flowers "Fruity"


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BO-2-Vegetable bouquet "Fiona" with flowers available on FruitsToday

A modern solution for enthusiasts of good taste and healthy lifestyle

Do you want to taste a unique vitamin cocktail, as well as feel the atmosphere of juicy and fresh fruits straight from a local producer? Take advantage of the wide range of vegetable bouquets produced by experts from FruitsToday! In our offer you will find an exceptional product BO-2-Bouquet "Fiona", which will please everyone!

The highest quality ingredients only from verified producers

BO-2-Bouquet "Fiona" is a beautifully designed delicacy created for those who value high-quality food and skillfully crafted compositions. Our bouquets consist mainly of superbly selected seasonal vegetables, crowned with elegant flowers. Each meal is a moment of relaxation that brightens up your day. All products used to create this bouquet have certificates guaranteeing their highest quality and consumption safety.

Richness of ingredients for great taste and health

BO-2-Bouquet "Fiona" is a real vitamin bomb, created so that your palate discovers previously unknown limits in flavors! Multicolored peppers, juicy carrots and refreshing radishes are just some elements of this composition. Additionally, you will find here aromatic garlic, delicate broccoli and cauliflower - all perfectly proportioned. The whole thing is complemented by exotic chili pepper adding light spiciness to the dish. All ingredients are placed on skewers made out high-quality sticks allowing you to move conveniently with your vegetable bouquet.

Possibility to adapt to individual customer needs

Realizing how important our clients' well-being is we decided to offer customization options for BO-2-Bouquet "Fiona". Not only can you replace certain ingredients with others or come up with your own modern bouquet, but you can also add additional accessories such as favorite grapes or fresh strawberries to it. That is why we encourage you to contact us for more information.


*Color on the photo may differ from the actual one. The composition of the bouquet may change without changing its concept.

*Remember that all ingredients are placed on skewers, so alert small children!

Let's enjoy health and good taste together! :)

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