Set 48 Gift Set with Exotic Fruits


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Set 48: Exotic Fruit Gift Set

At FruitsToday, we present Set 48: Exotic Fruit Gift Set, which will delight every enthusiast of unique flavors and aromas. This pink, round gift box is not only a combination of exotic fruits but also an expression of care and love.

Diversity of Exotic Fruits

Our 1.2 kg set contains a wealth of flavors and colors. You will find such exotic fruits as pitahaya, kumquat, and Polish apples, but the star of this set is the sweet mini pineapple. This combination of exotic flavors will make your loved one, girlfriend, or close friends feel special and appreciated.

Perfect Gift for Various Occasions

Our Set 48: Exotic Fruit Gift Set is a perfect way to bring joy and smiles to loved ones. Regardless of the occasion - whether it's a birthday, name day, or just a moment when you want to give something special - our set of exotic fruits will be a perfect gift.

Order Today!

Don't wait! Order our Set 48: Exotic Fruit Gift Set today and give your loved ones an unforgettable gift that will delight their senses and lift their spirits.

*We recommend removing the fruits as soon as possible after receiving the package. Fruits are best stored in a way that provides them with appropriate temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions. The ideal temperature for most fruits is around 10°C.

*The color or shade in the photo may differ from the actual one. The composition of the sets may vary depending on the season.

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