BS3-002 Coin Box, size 17*17 cm, height 8cm


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Unique Edible Bouquets at FuitsToday - Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Find a unique gift for every occasion in the FuitsToday offer, where we present extraordinary edible bouquets and candy arrangements. Our compositions are not only a blend of flavors but also true works of art that will provide unforgettable culinary and visual experiences.

Celebrate with Us!

FuitsToday is the place where every occasion becomes a special moment. Here is a list of several Polish holidays that are perfect for gifting our edible bouquets:

Holidays in Poland:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Constitution Day on May 3rd
  • Flag Day
  • Polish Armed Forces Day

Other Occasions for Gifting Our Bouquets:

  • International Women's Day
  • 18th Birthday
  • 25th Birthday
  • 50th Birthday
  • 80th Birthday

Category Description: Edible Bouquets for Every Occasion

Our edible bouquets are not just a sweet gift but also an expression of respect and care for a loved one. They are perfect for various occasions, from traditional holidays to private family celebrations.

Bouquet Composition:

The bouquet includes "Konafetto wafers," chocolate coins, wafers with milk cream and nuts. Its dimensions are 17x17 cm, height 8 cm, and the total weight is 570g.

Order Today!

Order our edible bouquets at FuitsToday immediately and make every occasion a delicious and beautiful moment. Remember that colors may slightly vary from those in the photo, and the bouquet composition may change without losing its original concept.

*The color or shade in the photo may differ from the actual product. The bouquet composition may change without altering the concept.

*Please note that all components are placed on skewers, so caution should be taken with small children.

Encourage you to place your order today!

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