• BO-7-Fruit bouquet "Mary"

BO-7-Fruit bouquet "Mary"


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Fruit bouquet "Mary" - the perfect gift for every woman

If you are looking for a unique and healthy gift for a woman, then the fruit bouquet "Mary" is an excellent choice. Its rich composition includes various fruits that will not only impress with their taste but also nourish the body.

Composition of the bouquet

The "Mary" bouquet is an ideal proposition for all kinds of events as well as a gift for loved ones. It consists of apples, grapefruits, mandarins/oranges, kiwis, and Brussels sprouts. In addition to this variety of fruits, the bouquet has been enriched with flowers and decorative green plants.

Apples are very valuable due to their high content of vitamins and dietary fiber. Grapefruit contains lots of vitamin C as well as flavonoids with anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties.

Mandarins/oranges primarily rely on carotenoid yolks such as lutein or zeaxanthin which protect our eyes from harmful UV rays.

Kiwis stand out because they contain a significant amount of vitamin C which has beneficial effects in preventing viral infections.

Brussels sprouts, on the other hand, are a source of Vitamin K and dietary fiber along with small amounts phosphorus and zinc complemented by flowers & decorative plants that complete the entire composition harmoniously.

A healthy alternative to other gifts

The fruit bouquet "Mary" is a healthy alternative to traditional flower bouquets or sweets. Fruits are full-filled source nutrients making it an ideal choice for various occasions- both festive & personal.
One advantage this product offers its aesthetically pleasing appearance designed to resemble classic floral bouquets -which makes it very attractive visually.


*The color or shade in the picture may differ from reality. The composition of the bouquet may change without altering its concept.

*Remember that all components are affixed to skewers, so caution children

*We offer customization services for your individual needs such as tickets for valued persons, grapes, strawberries etc. Contact us for information about additional equipment.

We are open to any suggestions and needs of our clients.

Don't wait any longer - order the fruit bouquet "Mary" now from FruitsToday and delight your loved ones with an original gift that is both healthy and delicious!

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