• BS1-007 Bouquet heart, Kitkat mini and roses.

BS1-007 Bouquet heart, Kitkat mini and roses.


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  • Product Code: BS1-007
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Extraordinary Gifts for All Occasions on "FruitsToday" Website


Heart Bouquets, Kitkat Minis, and Roses - Perfect Flavor Combination

Welcome to the world of extraordinary gifts available on our website, FruitsToday! If you're looking for something original that will undoubtedly delight the recipient, you're in the right place. We offer a wide range of edible bouquets and candy bouquets. With an incredible fruit or sweet composition, you can express your love or gratitude in a flavorful way. Just a few clicks, and a unique gift will be ready for delivery!


On what occasions is it worth giving "Heart, Kitkat Minis, and Roses" bouquets?

  • Mother's Day: Give your mom a unique fruit-chocolate set as a symbol of your love and care.

  • Women's Day: Express your admiration for the incredible women in your life - your partner, friends, or sisters - with this unconventional gift.

  • Valentine's Day: Set a romantic mood by giving your significant other a bouquet full of deliciousness.

  • Anniversary: Surprise your partner with an edible bouquet that not only tastes delicious but also expresses your love and memories of shared moments.

  • Grandparents' Day: Bring a smile to the face of your dear elderly person by giving them a colorful and appetizing bouquet of fruits or candies.

  • Birth of a Child: The "Heart, Kitkat Minis, and Roses" bouquet will be a perfect addition to traditional flowers for a newborn. A tasty idea for both mom and dad!

  • International days available online: When you identify with a holiday or celebrate it in another part of the world - with us, you can emphasize it edibly!

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*The color or shade in the photo may differ from reality. The bouquet's composition may change without altering the concept.

*Please note that all ingredients are placed on skewers, so be cautious with small children.

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