• BS-3-Bouquet made of "kinders" and candies

BS-3-Bouquet made of "kinders" and candies


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  • Product Code: BS-3
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Bouquet made of Kinder chocolates and sweets as a gift

Do you want to give a unique, original gift? Choose a bouquet with sweets! In the "Bouquets" category, we offer a wide selection of edible bouquets, including those made from Kinder chocolates and sweets. It's an excellent idea for gifts for people who love candy.

What products are included in our floral arrangements?

In each of our bouquets, you will find many different products - from fresh fruit to candy. We use only the highest quality and freshest fruits to fill our flower baskets, as well as various treats such as chocolate confetti or chocolate-filled pretzels.

Lately, an unconventional proposal has gained popularity - bouquets made from Kinder chocolates and sweets. Such a mix is ​​a perfect match for children or adults who crave the thrill of wild eating. The proposition offered by FruitToday proves to be a hit on the market.

Why choose our offer?

- Rich offer- Flower baskets and boxes are decorated with tasteful additions
- Fresh fruits & premium-quality candies
- Interesting flavor combinations
- A variety of add-ons that can be added to the bouquet

The cost and ordering process:

The price of our products depends on the chosen size of the floral arrangement. All components—chocolate or polar basket—are carefully selected & proportioned. 

Selling these unique specialties takes place through Online Shop ("FruitsToday"). Provide your contact information, (sic) , select your desired product(s), then make payment online.


What about delivery?

The vast majority of the products leaving FruitToday's warehouse arrive on the next (or specified) business day. We keep our customers up to date on their transaction status by email or phone, among other methods.

We invite you to purchase edible floral compositions!

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