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Fruit bouquet "Cindy" for any occasion - perfect gift for healthy food lovers

Looking for an original and tasty gift that will impress the birthday boy or anniversary celebrant? The fruit bouquet "Cindy" is a proposal created especially for you! It's a unique product offered by FruitsToday - an online shop where you can find plenty of delicious and fresh fruits with artistic arrangements.

What's in the Bouquet?

Our fruit bouquets are carefully prepared by hand. We include only high-quality fruits to maintain their full nutritional value.

The Cindy bouquet contains exclusive products such as:

  • Aromatic oranges

  • Juicy apples

  • Crispy nuts

  • Sweet-sour Physalis,

  • And less traditional elements surrounding the stem, such as ginger or cinnamon.

The addition of flowers also gives the composition a more romantic character. A wide range of colors allows selecting suitable combinations according to receiver’s preferences.

Why Choose Fruit Bouquet "Cindy"?

Fruits are great sources of vitamins and minerals that positively affect our health. Fruit bouquets are wonderful solutions because they combine aesthetics with functionality – they look amazing and provide many beneficial nutrients to our bodies.

If you're looking for an original gift idea for someone who loves healthy lifestyle or want to add some carefree accent – FRUIT BOUQUET “CINDY” IS THE PERFECT CHOICE.
Choosing a fruit bouquet from FruitsToday means not having worry about its freshness: we ensure full freshness and hygiene since all components adhere strictly under relevant sanitary safety procedures.

Bouquet Price FAQS:

*The price of our offered fruit bouquet is only 120 Polish zloty*. The cost depends on the current resource acquisition and purchased size. Despite these factors, we maintain pricing equality between quality maintenance against existing market trends.

For Whom Fruit Bouquet "Cindy” Is Destined?

Fruit bouquets are the perfect gift for any occasion- birthdays, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. This composition consists of natural products without preservatives or artificial colors - which indicates its suitability for sensitive people who care about their health.

The color tone/depth in the picture might differ from actual product

Warning related to small children:

*Remember that all components are placed on skewers/sticks, so beware with little children around

*We offer customization/bespoke services catering to individualistic preferences of our clients if they want additional elements such as: dedicated notes; grapes ; strawberries a bouquet.Contact us through email /phone call regarding further details & advice concerning any requirement .

Bespoke Orders

Some FruitsToday customers have specific demands on product composition.Our company has come up with an ideal solution set responding precisely to those client-specific needs by customizing arrangements themselves.

If you would like e.g.:to add more fruits , special message,different decoration motif then please contact via phone/email talk. We will be delighted assisting you to decide more suitably according to your circumstances.

Thanks Owocowemu bukietowi "Cindy",you can move towards a healthy future while surprising your loved ones with unique gifts!

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