• BS1-015 Purple bag with Raffaello, Montblanc, and soapy roses diameter 22 cm, height 30 cm.

BS1-015 Purple bag with Raffaello, Montblanc, and soapy roses diameter 22 cm, height 30 cm.


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Purple Bag with Raffaello and Montblanc, along with Soap Roses - Edible Bouquets Perfect for Various Occasions!

Candy Bouquets as the Perfect Gift

Are you planning to surprise a loved one with a unique, original gift? Or perhaps looking for something special for your significant other? If so, we have the perfect suggestion for you! Our "FruitsToday" website specializes in selling edible bouquets, combining the highest quality products with beautiful design. One of our most popular offerings is the purple bag filled with delights - Raffaello, Montblanc, and soap roses with a diameter of 22 cm and a height of 30 cm. It's not only a creative gift idea but also a delicious treat for any sweet tooth.

Uniqueness of Our Product

Our edible bouquets are unique both in terms of taste and aesthetics. Colorful compositions made up of favorite sweets will deliver surprise and delight to their recipient. The purple bag is a mix of the subtle elegance of Raffaello - one of the best Italian pralines, perfectly complemented by the exquisite Montblanc - a chocolate that captivates with its taste. Additionally, the bouquet is adorned with beautiful soap roses in natural colors, which can be kept as a keepsake.

Appropriate Gift for Various Occasions

Our purple bag with Raffaello and Montblanc, along with soap roses, is the perfect gift for many Polish holidays and other important moments in the life of your loved one.

List of 7 holidays in Poland for which this gift will be suitable:

  1. Mother's Day - there's no better way to express love to your mom than by delivering such a unique gift.
  2. Father's Day - thanking your dad for his care, you can serve him our delicious candy composition.
  3. Valentine's Day - provide a romantic surprise to your loved one by delivering a candy bouquet.
  4. Nameday of the celebrant, mom, or dad - give your loved ones something truly special on their nameday!
  5. Wedding Anniversary - gift the couple with an anniversary edible bouquet, reminding them of special moments spent together.
  6. Christmas - edible bouquets are an interesting option for a holiday gift that will surprise your loved ones.
  7. New Year's Eve/New Year - insert such a sweet bouquet into the New Year's Eve cake and dazzle all the guests!

Additionally, our candy bouquets are suitable as a gift for:

  • Women's Day
  • 18th Birthday
  • 25th Birthday
  • 50th Birthday
  • 80th Birthday

Order Today! We encourage you to purchase the purple bag now!

Preserving health is our top priority. All ingredients in our edible bouquets are attached to skewers. Therefore, remember that before playing with them, little children should be warned by a caregiver.

*The color or shade in the photo may differ from reality. The bouquet composition may change without altering the concept
*Remember that all ingredients are placed on skewers, so keep them away from small children

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