• BS1-0241 Kinder bouquet, Raffaello and purple roses.

BS1-0241 Kinder bouquet, Raffaello and purple roses.


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Buy Kinder, Raffaello, and Purple Roses Bouquets at "FruitsToday"!

If you're looking for an original gift for a loved one, our edible bouquets are the perfect choice. On the FruitsToday website, we offer a wide selection of beautiful and tasty arrangements with fruits, sweets, and flowers. One of our most popular products is the Kinder, Raffaello, and Purple Roses bouquet.


Kinder Bouquet - Chocolate Magic in Your Mouth

Our Kinder bouquets feature a perfect combination of delicious Kinder chocolate and fresh fruits. This harmonious blend not only pleases the eye with colorful candy wrappers but also melts in the mouth with its intense flavor.


Raffaello - a Delicate Treat for Every Occasion

In addition to our composition, we include delicious Raffaello balls. Their gentle coconut coating hides thin almonds and white chocolate. These small pearls are the perfect delight for both young and adult gourmets.


Purple Roses - a Symbol of Love

Beautiful purple roses add elegance and a unique character to our bouquets. These popular flowers have been a symbol of love and tenderness for centuries. Thanks to them, the gift takes on even greater sentimental value.


Holiday Occasions for an Edible Bouquet

Our beautiful compositions will undoubtedly make a perfect gift for various holidays in Poland. Here is a list of 7 such occasions:

  1. Christmas - the perfect time to surprise loved ones with a tasty gift.
  2. Easter - the joy of Jesus' resurrection and a shared dinner will be complemented by a colorful bouquet.
  3. Mother's Day - there is no better way to show love to mom than a sweet bouquet of treats.
  4. Grandparents' Day - our beloved grandparents also deserve a unique gift that will delight their hearts and taste buds.
  5. Infatuation Day - a romantic moment requires an unusual gesture, and our edible arrangements perfectly fit into this atmosphere.

  6. The fourth option is not acceptable as it requires the use of another brand's name.
  7. Name Day - a holiday deserving of a memorable and unique gift. Our bouquets will surely earn the recipient's approval.
  8. Anniversary - whether it's the first anniversary or a round one, our bouquets will be perfect as a gift for celebrating special moments together.

Order Today!

Order your unique Kinder, Raffaello, and Purple Roses bouquet on the FruitsToday website now. Don't hesitate with this exceptional gift for yourself or your loved ones! Guaranteed delight both visually and taste-wise!

*The color or shade in the photo may differ from reality. The bouquet's composition may change without altering the concept.

*Please note that all ingredients are placed on skewers, so be cautious with small children.

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