BS1-012 Elegant Teddy Bear with Raffaello, Kinder and Soapy Roses. Diameter: 26 cm, Height: 42 cm.


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Plush Bear of Elegance with Raffaello, Kinder, and Soap Roses - an Ideal Gift for Various Occasions

If you're looking for an original gift that combines tasty sweets with delicate elegance, our plush bear with a diameter of 26 cm and a height of 42 cm is perfect for you. Made from the highest quality materials, this charming bear will bring joy to both children and adults.

Candy Bouquets - What Can We Offer You?

At our FruitsToday store, we specialize in creating edible bouquets and candy bouquets. Our passion is crafting unique compositions of delicious treats gathered together on eye-catching skewers. When you buy our bouquets, you are assured not only of aesthetic design but also a delightful experience of culinary uniqueness. Our offer includes a wide selection of bouquets tailored to various taste preferences.

Plush Teddy Bear Enriched with Favorite Brands:

  • Raffaello - coconut-flavored balls lighter than air with a crunchy nut. Delicacy and sweetness in one.
  • Kinder - a legendary brand of sweets that kids adore. Milk chocolate surrounding juicy filling makes every frown turn into a smile.
  • Soap Roses - elegant little roses with a unique soap-like taste, adding a beautiful touch to our candy bouquet.

Bouquet of Edible Delights - An Ideal Gift for Many Holidays

This unique plush bear makes a perfect gift for both children and adults on various occasions. Not only as a birthday present but also for Women's Day, 18th, 25th, 50th, and even 80th birthdays. Our candy bouquets are a unique blend of aesthetics and delicious taste, making them a perfect gift among close friends or a sweet touch for corporate thank-yous for office or company collaboration with clients.

Holidays in Poland such as:

  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Grandma's Day
  • Grandpa's Day

Delight your loved ones, give them a sweet surprise, and order our plush bear of elegance with Raffaello, Kinder, and Soap Roses today.

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*The color or shade in the photo may differ from reality. The bouquet composition may change without altering the concept.
*Remember that all ingredients are placed on skewers, so keep them away from small children.
*Alcolgol is not part of the composition and is not for sale.

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