• BS1-011 Bouquet delicacy of a plush toy with Raffaello and Kinder, diameter 15 cm, height 25 cm.

BS1-011 Bouquet delicacy of a plush toy with Raffaello and Kinder, diameter 15 cm, height 25 cm.


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Plush Delicacy Bouquet with Raffaello and Kinder

Unique Gift for Special Occasions!

When important holidays or the birthday of a loved one are approaching, we often contemplate an extraordinary gift. We seek something special that will bring joy to the celebrant. If you find yourself in such a situation, we have the perfect suggestion for you - the Plush Delicacy Bouquet with Raffaello and Kinder!

How Our Unique Bouquet Was Created

Creating edible bouquets is our passion and a way to share sweets in a unique manner. Our compositions are carefully prepared to meet both aesthetic and taste expectations.

The "Plush Delicacy" bouquet was created by experienced florists with special attention to detail. It includes not only delicious chocolate delicacies like Raffaello and tiny treats from Kinder Chocolate Mini Mix but also a beautiful plush teddy bear.

The height of this colorful masterpiece is 25 cm, and the diameter is 15 cm - perfect sizes for gifting as a standalone present or as an addition to other gifts.

7 Polish Holidays Perfect for This Gift

1. Christmas - a unique time full of magic and joy. Our "Plush Delicacy" bouquet will perfectly fit the atmosphere of this holiday.
2. Valentine's Day - a romantic celebration ideal for giving your loved one something sweet and adorable.
3. Easter - a symbol of rebirth, and our bouquet will undoubtedly liven up every Easter table.
4. Mother's Day - a beautiful gesture for the most important woman in your life on this day!
5. Nameday/Birthday of a loved one.
6. International Women's Day - a perfect opportunity to give all ladies an interesting and tasty gift.
7. Anytime! The "Plush Delicacy" bouquet works as a spontaneous gift that can be given without specific reasons!

Astonishing Presentation for the Celebrant!

On our list of recommendations are also important moments in everyone's life, perfectly celebrated with the "Plush Delicacy" bouquet. Since the compositions are always carefully arranged, they are an ideal gift for 18th, 25th, 50th, and even 80th birthdays.
Whether you're gifting it to someone approaching their 8th decade or a personalized bouquet for YOUR NEWBORN baby, the "Plush Delicacy" bouquet fits perfectly into these special moments!

Add this beautiful bouquet to your cart now!

Provide your loved ones with unforgettable impressions with our creatively prepared Plush Delicacy Bouquet with Raffaello and Kinder. Order it today and give joy to your family or friend at first sight.

We ensure safe packaging specifically tailored for shipping delicate products like our edible bouquets.
*The teddy bear can be replaced in the composition with another one in case of unavailability in stock.

*The color or shade in the photo may differ from reality. The bouquet's composition may change without altering the concept.

*Please note that all ingredients are placed on skewers, so be cautious with small children.

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