BO-4-Bouquet of fruits and vegetables "Penelope"


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Pleasure for the senses - BO-4 Fruit and Vegetable Bouquet "Penelope"

We invite you to discover a unique composition that will delight even the most demanding foodies

BO-4 Fruit and Vegetable Bouquet "Penelope" is Polish gold among bouquets. Spicy chili peppers, refreshing lime,

and colorful apples combine forces to create vitamin-rich compositions of culinary delicacies.

There is no room for anything less than quality in here. We take care of the freshness of every element in our bouquet.

Each stick is gently placed on a skewer so that our proposals become a perfect gift for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts or those who value exquisite cuisine.

Your recipient can gather guests using decorative plates. However, remember that the bouquet was designed as a work of taste achieved by combining the best available fruit and vegetable ideas jointly creating suitable celebrations moments.

We strongly recommend packing this voluntary bouquet in a sustainable way since we should all take care about planet Earth.


Bouquet components:

  • Colorful peppers
  • Oranges
  • Colorful Apples

  • Broccoli
  • Lime
  • Kumquat
  • Colorful chili peppers

We offer customized arrangement to meet individual needs and preferences. .

If you are looking for a different flavor than what BO-4 "Penelope" offers with fruits and vegetables proposal, we are prepared for challenges.

We can also provide grapes, strawberries and many other details that personalize your gift according to your preferences.

Don't wait any longer!

Order today BO-4 Fruit and Vegetable Bouquet "Penelope"!

*Color or shade in the photo may differ from reality. The composition of the bouquet is subject to change without altering the concept.

*Remember that all ingredients are placed on skewers, so be careful with small children.

*We offer customized bouquets tailored to our clients' individual needs. Contact us for information on additional equipment such as tickets for valuable people; grapes; strawberries etc..


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