• BO-6-Fruit and vegetable bouquet "Annie"

BO-6-Fruit and vegetable bouquet "Annie"


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Order a Colorful and Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Bouquet "Annie" on FruitsToday

Bouquet Composition:

Our special offer for clients who want to surprise their loved ones with an original gift is the unique fruit and vegetable bouquet "Annie". It includes sweet apples, juicy lemon, as well as vegetables such as broccoli or peppers. The finishing touch is decorative ornamental plants.

Healthy and Fresh Products

We have added one more excellent feature to the celebratory character of our bouquet - all its elements promote good health! We pay attention to product quality, including avoiding processed foods or chemicals in farming. Our ingredients come from reputable producers, ensuring that you consume high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Create Your Own Customized Fruit and Vegetable Bouquet

We offer you the option of making individual configurations of the gifts set "Annie" that you order. We want to provide full comfort when purchasing our products online; therefore simply send us your shopping cart order and our expert will contact you within working hours. With this personalized approach,you can choose an appropriate gift idea for children, parents or employees etc.

Note Regarding Small Children

Please remember that all components of the fruit-vegetable bouquet "Annie" are placed on skewers similar to shish kabob sticks so be careful while serving it to young children by warning them about accidental swallowing risks or injury by pointed end sticks .

We Offer Additions To Our Bouquets:

  • Tickets/vouchers/gift certificates for cherished people;

  • Dried grapes/grapeskins/raisins/fruitsdecorations like strawberries etc.;

  • Natural-based herbal health tonics.

Order your unique, original and healthy fruit-vegetable bouquet "Annie" today on FruitsToday!

*Colors or shades in the photo may differ from the actual product. Bouquet composition is subject to change without a significant difference in concept.

*Remember that all components are placed on skewers similar to shish kabob sticks so be careful when handling them around small children

*We offer the option of customization of bouquets according to individual needs/wishes/requirements/preferences such as tickets/vouchers/gift cards for cherished people; grapes; strawberries etc. Contact us for further information.

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