Set 17-Magic Mango - Box of mango fruit (air mango+mango green)


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Introducing Set 17-Magic Mango - A delightful fruit experience!

If you're looking for a unique and flavorful fruit kit, look no further than Set 17-Magic Mango from FruitsToday. This box of mango fruit includes both air mango and green mango that are freshly sourced and carefully selected to offer you a deliciously sweet treat.

About Magic Mango

Magic Mango is a variety of Indian origin full of flavor with an intense aroma similar to other varieties such as Keitt or Kent. Its shape is elongated, its color dark yellow, and its consistency is fibrous softness. It is great for snacking on throughout the day or can be used in smoothies, salads, and cocktails among others which makes it very versatile.

The Benefits Of Magic Mango:

Did you know that eating mangoes boosts your immune system? These fruits are packed with vitamins A and C along with antioxidants giving your body the nutrients it needs to fight off diseases. They also contain fiber that helps regulate digestion while reducing inflammation in our bodies.
Moreover, consuming this fresh tropical delight improves skin health by replenishing moisture and promoting elasticity because of being highly rich in vitamins C & E!

Buying Set 17-Magic Mangos gift boxes make them perfect presents for any occasion! Impress friends/family members with premium quality organic ripe mangos grown using sustainable agricultural practices

Premium Quality Selection And Packing Process

We at FruitsToday understand the importance of ensuring our customers only receive high-quality fruit boxes every time they purchase from us. Moreover, Our packing process involves careful selection; we believe this guarantees freshness when shipping to customers across India.The picking process ensures only mature, unblemished mangos making sure each one satisfies the customer’s taste buds

This Box comes carefully packaged so that each delicious Fruit remains intact during transit straight through the customer’s doorstep within days.


In conclusion, Set 17-Magic Mango - Box of mango fruit (air mango+mango green) is a perfect way to enjoy the sweet taste and health benefits of this delicious tropical fruit. With FruitsToday's premium quality selection and packing process, our customers are guaranteed to receive fresh, ripe mangos every time. Order now for delivery straight to your doorstep!

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