• Set 49 Gift set with summer fruits

Set 49 Gift set with summer fruits


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Summer Fruit Gift Set - Set 49

Welcome to discover our exceptional summer fruit gift set, which is Set 49. It's a perfect present for any occasion, allowing you to pamper your loved ones, enjoy with them during special events, or simply bring them joy in everyday life.

Composition of the set

Set 49 weighs 3.5 kg and contains carefully selected exotic fruits that will delight every gourmet. In the set, you will find:

  • Esoteric pitahaya - a fruit with extraordinary taste and appearance.
  • Aromatic passion fruit - juicy fruit that warms the senses.
  • Sweet mango - full of vitamins and juiciness.
  • Juicy melon - a symbol of summer and joy.
  • Easy pineapples - sweet and juicy fruits that melt in the mouth.
  • Wonderful tamarind - a fruit with a unique taste that will delight every connoisseur.

Unique gift for various occasions

Set 49 is a gift that will work perfectly for many different occasions. Here is a list of some holidays and events that are perfect for this set:

  • Birthday
  • Name day
  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Mother's Day
  • Valentine's Day

In fact, Set 49 can be a perfect gift for any occasion when you want to give your loved ones something special and original.

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*We recommend removing the fruits as soon as possible after receiving the package. Fruits are best stored in a way that provides them with suitable temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions. The ideal temperature for most fruits is around 10°C.

*The color or shade in the photo may differ from the actual one. The composition of the sets may vary depending on the season.

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