BS1-039 Sweet Dreams with Kinder and Nutella, with a red ribbon, height 11cm, diameter 19cm


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Sweet Dreams with Kinder and Nutella - the perfect gift for various occasions

Edible candy bouquets for every occasion

Do you want to give an original, tasty, and unconventional gift? We have the perfect solution for you - edible bouquets! In our offer, you will find beautifully arranged bouquets, in which the main ingredients are delicious treats such as Kinder chocolate bars and creamy Nutella. Not only will they be a unique gift for your loved ones, but they will also beautifully decorate the table or interior during various celebrations. Bring joy to your loved ones with our exceptional compositions.

Suitable for many holidays in Poland

Our sweet bouquet is the perfect choice for many Polish holidays. Whether you are invited to a name day, baptism, or even Valentine's Day - such a gift will always be a hit!

Here is a list of a random number of holidays (above 7) in Poland, which are a perfect occasion to give our one-of-a-kind gift:

1. Christmas
2. New Year
3. Grandmother's Day
4. Grandfather's Day
5. Easter
6. First Holy Communion
7. End of the school year

Original gift for every occasion - bouquet with Kinder and Nutella sweets

Our edible bouquet is not just an ordinary gift, but also an amazing decoration for the table or interior during various family events or friendly gatherings.

If one of the aforementioned holidays or a special occasion like an 18th birthday is being celebrated, you can be sure that our sweet bouquet will be a bullseye! And now, some information about the bouquet itself:

The bouquets are handmade by our professional florists from the highest quality Kinder chocolate bars and delicate Nutella enclosed in jars.
The compositions are available in different sizes and color versions to best suit the occasion.

Quality and safety of ingredients

We would like to emphasize that all our bouquets are made from the highest quality ingredients. However, we do not use candies from other brands or of unknown origin. Our offer is based on branded Kinder and Nutella products, which have been appreciated by customers worldwide for years. We guarantee the complete safety of consuming our compositions.

Order today!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer available on the FuitsToday website! Choose one of our sweet bouquets for yourself or bring joy to your loved ones by giving them an original gift. We encourage you to order today!

*The color or shade of the presented photo may differ from the actual product. The composition of the bouquet may undergo slight changes without affecting the overall concept.
*The product contains decorative elements placed appropriately on sticks - please be cautious with small children.

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