• BO-3-Fruit bouquet "Jasmine"

BO-3-Fruit bouquet "Jasmine"


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BO-3-Fruit bouquet "Jasmine" - the perfect gift for any occasion

Are you looking for a unique and healthy gift for a loved one? Do you dream of an original addition to your lavish party? The "Jasmine" bouquet, composed of carefully selected fruits, is an excellent proposition.

A wealth of flavors and aromas

The bouquet consists of: juicy oranges, sweet lemons, exotic kumquats, spicy ginger and crunchy nuts. This unique combination of flavors guarantees unforgettable culinary experiences for your guests or the person receiving the gift.

The flowers matched to the bouquet make an interesting decoration for the table or living room. The combination of flower colors with fruit colors makes the whole thing look very stylish.

A healthy alternative to traditional sweets

A fruit bouquet is also a great option for physically active people who are aware of how food affects health. Unlike cookies or chocolates, fruits provide necessary energy and vitamins without unnecessary burdens on the body.

Bouquet personalization tailored to individual needs

We offer the possibility of adapting our products to customer requirements. Contact us and we will help you choose fruits or flowers that match your event's character or recipient's taste preferences.

Safety warning

*The color shade in photographs may differ from reality. The composition can change without changing its concept.
*Remember that all ingredients are placed on skewers like kebabs so caution children when handling it
*We offer customized bouquets according to clients' individual needs.Contact us regarding additional items such as tickets; grapes; strawberries etc..

Give yourself a chance to try something new! Order "Jasmine" now and enjoy beautiful looks along with exceptional tastes.

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