Set 27-Thank you for being-Fruit for a gift


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Fruits as a gift - taste the health and joy

Welcome to "FuitsToday" website! We are an online store that offers a wide selection of various fruit sets, perfect as a unique gift for your loved ones. Our fruits are fresh, tasty, and full of nutritional value. The fruit baskets, gift boxes with fruits and edible bouquets prepared by us are an excellent solution not only for birthdays or anniversaries.

Pitahaya 1 piece
Apples 4 pieces
Mini pineapple 1 piece
Kumquat 200g
Lime 1 piece
Lemon 2 pieces
Orange 3 pieces
Pomegranate 1 piece
Kiwi 2 pieces
Coconut 1piece
Passionfruit (Maracuja)10szuksztuków
Grapes (0.5 kg)

Fruit sets - inspiring combination of flavors

Our fruit sets are a harmonious combination of high-quality products straight from nature. We offer rich combinations of favorite seasonal fruits that will delight your taste buds and provide plenty of vitamins and minerals. Regardless of the recipient's flavor preferences, you will find something suitable in our wide range assortment.

Fruit baskets - an elegant gift for demanding people

If you're looking for something truly special, our fruit baskets hit the mark! A carefully selected variety fresh fruits placed in delicate baskets will make the recipient feel appreciated and special.Our fruits are arranged with great precision to add positive emotions to every present.

*We recommend consuming vegetables as soon as possible after receiving the package.

*The color or shade in the photo may differ from the actual product. The composition of sets may change depending on the season.

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