Set 25-Hearts by the Sea L -Gift for her: for grandmother, for aunt, for daughter, for the lady


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Fruit Set 25-Heart by the Sea L as the perfect gift for her

Looking for an original gift idea for your grandma, aunt, daughter or other loved one? The Fruit Set 25-Sea Heart L is a great choice! Such a gift will certainly make any woman happy.

Fruits as gifts - why is it worth it?

Fruits are healthy and tasty snacks that are popular among both children and adults. What's more, they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals necessary for proper body functioning.

That's why fruit sets have become so popular as gifts for various occasions - birthdays, name days or Mother's Day. They are also increasingly used in business - as a thank you for cooperation or nice gestures towards customers.
And our Fruit Set 25-Heart by the Sea L is ready to fulfill all these functions!

What can you find in our fruit set?

The set includes fruits such as:

  • Rambutan (5 pieces)
  • Passionfruit (2 pieces)
  • Pomegranate (1 piece)
  • Kumquat (10 pieces)

All fruits come from the best crops and are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. This is more than just a classic fruit basket - it will surely attract everyone's attention not only because of the aesthetics of packaging but also because of the high-quality content.

Heart by the Sea L – new quality in presentation

The set is beautifully presented! The fruits arranged in Christmas attire. Inside you'll find ceramic hearts and gaps that make the whole set even more impressive.

The presentation of our Fruit Set 25-Sea Heart L takes place around Poznań, where our company FruitToday draws inspiration from the cycle of world label life and finds such articles that sympathize with their style - so-called simple luxury for everyday use.


If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, our Fruit Set 25-Sea Heart L is an excellent solution. Healthy fruits in a beautiful setting will impress everyone!

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