Set 23-Fruit kingdom-Gift for 20/30/40th birthdays


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Set 23 - Fruit Kingdom - The perfect gift for every occasion

Fruit sets as a unique gift idea

If you're looking for an unusual, delicious, and healthy gift for someone special, then you've found the perfect solution. Set 23 - Fruit Kingdom, available in our offer, is a composition full of fresh fruits and aromatic flowers. Everything is meticulously packaged and ready to be presented.

Thanks to this set, you can give your birthday boy or jubilarian personalities like apples from all over the world as well as exotic fruits such as mangoes or pineapples from foreign countries. Our baskets also contain seasonal vegetables and high-quality flowers.

In addition, we have prepared a surprise even in Set 23 - Fruit Kingdom! We pack premium delicacy chocolate by hand into each basket.

Fruit baskets with a touch of elegance

Our artists who create the covers (enclosures)of the baskets are always chosen so that they beautifully complement the interiors of single-family homes or palaces. Therefore they will appeal not only to connoisseurs of taste but also those appreciating aesthetic values.

Fruit baskets in our offer are an ideal present for demanding people who value good taste, quality & elegance. The set includes:

Mini pineapple 1pc
 Avocado 1pc
Mango 1 pc
 Maracuja 2pcs
 Granat 1 piece
 Pitahaya one second
Bananas five pieces

Presentation boxes- carefully packed treasure

At FruitsToday, we care about every detail! Our presentation boxes are just as elegant as our fruit baskets. That way your loved one will feel pampered right from the start of unwrapping the package.

In Set 23 - Fruit Kingdom box you will find precisely the same products as in a fruit basket. However, there are even more advantages here:

✔️You can adjust the contents to suit the recipient's preferences better
✔️The box tends to keep its original shape better than an enclosure
✔️You can have cauliflower included

We invite you to place an order!

Set 23 - Fruit Kingdom is a fantastic gift for everyone! We know that by giving exceptional presents, we convey how much we care for that person- that's why we made sure that our products were of top quality.

We're happy to help compose appropriate fruit sets or prepare individual orders tailored to customer tastes and needs. Visit our blog and support our business ;)


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