Set 21-with all the heart XL gift for mom


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Fruit set Set 21 from the heart - perfect gift for your mom

  • Mini pineapple 1 piece
  • Coconut, one piece
  • Mango, one piece
  • Passion fruit, two pieces
  • Kumquat, 100g

Are you wondering what gift to give your mom on her birthday or nameday? Or maybe you just want to express your love and gratitude for everything she does for you? Fruit set Set 21 from the heart is a perfect solution! It's not only a delicious present, but also full of warmth and sympathy.

Fruits as gifts - why is it worth it?

What's better than high-quality healthy fruits? Surely, they are a timeless element of the diet of anyone who takes care of their health and fitness. Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals as well as fiber that supports proper digestion. That's why hundreds of people appreciate sending packages with fresh fruit to family or friends using accessible courier services.

Fruit compositions put together by our company will come in handy both during special occasions like your loved ones' birthdays as well as if you crave a delicious snack with your morning coffee or sweet dessert accent.

Gift boxes with fruits

Set 21 is not only a mixture of juicy and aromatic fruits, but also beautifully packed in our original cardboard box. The box with a transparent window perfectly emphasizes the colorful fruits considered one of the prettiest on any successful family occasion table setting or photoshoots.

Fruit basket for your mom's health

Our set is not just an exceptional gift due to its unique and delicious fruit content. It’s also an excellent idea for individuals concerned about their health and form, especially those struggling with heart diseases or dietary restrictions. In this set you'll find nourishing kiwi, excellent dose of vitamin C through oranges along with red currant being rich in pectin plus iron should contribute positively to your mother's health condition.

Set 21 from the heart - how to order?

To order Set 21 fruit composition – simply visit website in 'Fruit Sets' tab, where you can browse through different offers tailored explicitly to fulfil your needs requirements making it personalized choice from options available on-site: click BUY! we're sure that such present will bring joy & happiness to your mom!

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