Set 19-Mango Mix - Tropical Mango Fruit Box (Thai/Honey Mango+Air Mango (Ripe Mango)+Green Mango)


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Looking for a delicious and juicy mango fruit mix to satisfy your tropical cravings? FruitsToday offers Set 19-Mango Mix - Tropical Mango Fruit Box, which features a tasty blend of Thai/Honey Mango, Air Mango (Ripe Mango), and Green Mango varieties. This fruit box not only looks beautiful but is also brimming with flavors that will transport you straight to the heart of the tropics.

With its unique combination of different types of mangoes, this delectable assortment is sure to please any taste bud. Let's take a closer look at each variety that makes up this amazing set:

Thai/Honey Mango

First up on our list is the sweet and luscious Thai or Honey mango. Known for its fragrant aroma, soft texture, and mouth-watering sweetness, these exotic fruits are particularly popular in Southeast Asia.

If you're craving something sweet yet refreshing on a hot summer day, then look no further than our tropical Thai/Honey mangoes. These golden beauties offer an unbeatable flavor profile that'll make your taste buds dance with joy!

Air Mango (Ripe Mango)

Next in line is the ripe Air mango. The term "Air" refers to how this type of mango ripens from the inside out giving it its signature orange hue when fully ripe.

These luxurious fruits boast an intensely juicy flesh that oozes with pure golden goodness when eaten fresh - perfect as an addition to smoothies or blended into sorbet for dessert after dinner!

Green Mango

Last but not least comes the tart and tangy green mango! Also known as young or unripe mangos these little gems are used widely in South Asian cooking having a crisp bite similar almost like apples while still being firm

Their sourness can be tempered by using salt or spices making them a perfect snack food that packs plenty of taste and nutrition.

Why Choose Set 19-Mango Mix - Tropical Mango Fruit Box?

When it comes to enjoying fresh fruit, not all mangoes are created equal! That's why FruitsToday has carefully curated different types of mangoes to form this irresistible set that is perfect for any occasion.

This variety box gives you the chance to enjoy some of the most flavorful tropical fruits available in their prime. You can use these as ingredients in various dishes or just snack on them throughout the day; either way you're sure to love every bite!

The Perfect Gift

Fruit gift boxes make excellent presents for friends, colleagues, loved ones or even yourself. Handpicked and packed with care, our gift boxes arrive beautifully presented making them a thoughtful gesture perfect for any occasion.

Giving someone (or yourself) Set 19-Mango Mix - Tropical Mango Fruit Box from FruitsToday ensures only high-quality produce reaches your doorstep – each one specially hand-selected by a team of professionals who guarantee freshness and peak ripeness at delivery – what could be better than that?


Set 19-Mango Mix - Tropical Mango Fruit Box from FruitsToday is a stunning mix that features three different varieties of mangoes giving an exotic range of flavors reminiscent of trips southward into lush tropical regions. Each type has its unique flavor profile but all pack delicious punch together making this set a delicious treat complementing various meal formats & occasions whether prepared or eaten raw.; As always with quality sourced foods choices made easily delivered directly right smack bang to your door Get yours today!

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