Set 20-with all the heart XXL gift for mother


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Celebrate your mother with the best gift - Set 20-from the bottom of your heart XXL!

An impressive fruit set

Looking for an original and healthy gift for your mom? Do you want something more than just classic flowers or cosmetics? Choose fresh fruits of the highest quality, from proven crops. The Set 20-from the bottom of your heart XXL is a perfect choice!

Fruits worth sharing

The special edition of our fruit set includes twenty different types of fruits: from exotic mangoes or pineapples to Polish apples and pears. Why is this set a good idea for a Mother's Day present? First, in addition to each fruit's unique flavor (who doesn't love sweets?), our products are rich in vitamins and micronutrients.

A natural gift from nature as a present

< br>All our products are prepared without chemicals or preservatives. This means that your mom will only receive those fresh fruits that she needs most to maintain her health! Additionally, when packing our products, we strive to provide the highest quality and aesthetics.
< br >< h4 > A present that fits every occasion < br > Fruit baskets are great for almost any occasion! Want to give something personalized on Mom's birthday? Or maybe thank her for her daily care on Mother's Day or unconventionally - on Father's Day? Our fruit baskets make an excellent gift for both younger and older people.
< br >< h3 > Our product comes ready-to-give!< br > You don't have to worry about preparing a beautiful and neat package yourself – we've got you covered:
  • - The best selection of fresh fruits
    - Invaluable vitamin content
    - No preservatives or artificial colors
These are just a few of the many advantages of our Set 20-from the bottom of your heart XXL.

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