• Marakuja - Passion fruit 30 Dag/0.3 kg

Marakuja - Passion fruit 30 Dag/0.3 kg


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Passionfruit, or maracuja in Polish, is an exotic snack that not only provides a wonderful taste experience but also has a beneficial effect on health. A 30 dag (0.3 kg) product is an exceptionally juicy and meaty fruit with a distinctive taste enriched with tropical fruit notes such as mango or pineapple.

Maracuja is a source of vitamin C, which affects the immune system, and antioxidants that have a positive effect on the skin. Additionally, this fruit is rich in dietary fiber, which is recommended for people who want to lose weight or improve digestion.

Because maracuja is low in calories, it is great as a snack between meals, as well as a component of smoothies or cocktails. In Asian cuisine, it is used for gratins, mousse, jams, and juices. Thanks to it, dishes acquire an exotic aroma and taste that make them unique.

In summary, maracuja is a unique product, both in terms of its taste and health benefits. It is perfect as a snack on hot days, as well as a component of various dishes and beverages.

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