• Peruvian bellows, Physalis 100 g

Peruvian bellows, Physalis 100 g


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Peruvian Groundcherry, also known as Physalis, is a unique fruit with a characteristic yellow-orange skin that covers small, round fruits on the inside. Their taste is sweet and sour, and their texture is soft and juicy.

Physalis are valued for their health benefits - they are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, which supports intestinal function. Due to their high anthocyanin content, they are also considered effective in fighting free radicals and preventing heart diseases.

Peruvian Groundcherry 100g is an ideal product for people who appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. They can be served as snacks on their own or added to desserts, cakes, and smoothies. Because Peruvian Groundcherry is low in calories, it is a healthy alternative to traditional sweets.

Produced in Peru, our Physalis are of high quality and subjected to rigorous quality tests. The product is packaged in 100g bags, which is convenient and allows for easy storage. Overall, it is a great choice for people who want to diversify their diet on a daily basis or simply try something new.

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