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Avocado Green Peru


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Green Peruvian Avocado is a delicious and healthy fruit originating from South America. It is known for its nutty flavor and creamy consistency. Avocado is a source of many valuable nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also an important source of fiber, which positively affects digestion and maintaining a healthy weight. Due to its nutritional value and richness in mineral components, Green Peruvian Avocado is a perfect addition to sandwiches, and salads, and can be used to make delicious guacamole or creamy spreads. By adding avocado to your diet, you not only diversify your meals but also introduce valuable and healthy ingredients to your body.

Avocado (Persea americana) is a medium-sized evergreen tree from the laurel family (Lauraceae). It originates from both Americas and was first domesticated by the Mesoamerican tribes over5000 years ago. Back then, as well as now, it was valued for its large and incredibly oily fruits. The tree probably comes from mountainous areas between southern and central Mexico and Guatemala. The fruit, sometimes called alligator pear or avocado, is a large pit containing one big seed from a botanical point of view. The avocado tree is partially self-pollinates and often propagated by grafting to maintain a constant yield of fruit. Nowadays, avocado trees are grown in many tropical and Mediterranean climate zones. Mexico is the world's leading producer of avocados since 2020, accounting for almost 30% of global harvests this year. Green Peruvian Avocado is a variety of avocados that is grown in Peru. Peru is the second-largest exporter of avocados in the world, right after Mexico. In 2022, the country plans to export over 600,000 tons of Hass avocado.

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