• Red Pomelo 1 pcs.

Red Pomelo 1 pcs.


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Red pomelo is a variety of pomelo, a large, juicy, and sweet citrus fruit that is closely related to grapefruit. The red pomelo differs from the traditional pomelo primarily in the colors of the peel and flesh. Instead of green skin and white flesh, red pomelos have red skin and pink, red or bright red flesh, which is usually sweeter than the flesh of green pomelos. The red pomelo is a popular fruit in Asian countries, especially Thailand and Vietnam, but can also be found in fruit stores around the world.

Red pomelo is a variety of pomelos with red flesh and skin. Pomelo fruits are large, with the largest specimens weighing up to 10 kg and 30 cm in diameter. The shape is spherical or pear-shaped. The skin is thick but peels easily. The flesh is drier than other citrus fruits and is divided into large segments 

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